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akuSta-Plast FIRE STOP on TV

SWR: Landesschau

On 09 March 2016 the German TV station SWR broadcast a report about akuSta-Plast FIRE STOP:



New Test in Schmiedeberg

February 2nd 2016

After reading the article about the patents for akuSta-Plast FIRE STOP, the national German TV station MDR contacted us and wanted to repeat the previous tests in Schmiedeberg from January 2014.

The proposed timeline was more than just a little challenging - but everyone pulled their weight and after just a short 5 weeks from initial contact we had prepared another two sets of staircases. The only oversight due to the rush was that the glue we used only had 3 days instead of the necessary 3 weeks for bonding. Due to this the fire barrier came off the protected staircase. Therefore it suffered more damage than anticipated. If there had been a bit more time for the glue to do its work properly there probably would not have been any damage at all...