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akusta-Plast FIRE STOP in Construction

Construction in General

  1. Fire protection for new buildings.
  2. Additional fire protection for existing buildings.
  3. Protection of stairways as escape routes.
  4. Fire barrier between different floors:
    1. Apply fire barrier directly to the ceiling.
    2. Apply fire barrier to boards or drywall - and add these to the ceiling.
  5. Effectively protect steel beams to keep them from overheating and deforming in case of a fire.


Wood / Drywall Construction

  1. Protect any parts of the structure with our fire barrier.
  2. Produce sandwich panels to use in construction projects.
  3. As an additional bonus the fire barrier also improves noise insulation (like any traditional heavy layer).


Facade Construction

  1. Use as a fire barrier in case flammable materials were used for insulation (suppress a chimney effect).
  2. Protect the area around windows to suppress a fire that started in one room spreading across the exterior.